School-Age Learning Path (5 – 12 years)

Because our school age students are accustomed to a learning regimen, it allows us to be more holistic with the flow of the day. The emphasis around this learning path center-developed curriculum that enhances grade-appropriate academic skills.The age of our students in the school age program is 5-12 and we try to reach further into topics that are important to our society and citizenship that may not be given as much time in a public school setting.Social responsibility is an emphasis in our curriculum. In summer recess, they have daily field trips at library, volunteer work, and also recreational excursions.Call Sprouts Childcare & Learning Center today.

Sprouts is happy to offer daily activities that give all school-age children a chance to feel entertained, stimulated, and comfortable throughout the day. We are careful to be mindful of the unique needs of each child, while helping to maintain a schedule ALL can enjoy. Our daily activities include considerations that include:


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