Welcome to Sprouts Learning Center & Child Care, centrally-located in Omaha, NE at 4411 N. 61st Street. At Sprouts we believe that childcare is more than just babysitting. It is about offering the safest and best quality care for children of ALL ages. We DO understand how difficult it can be to entrust your child to the care of others- regardless of the age. But if you are looking for the best childcare in Omaha has to offer, you have found it!

Our core values

Sprouts-Daycare-Omaha-Learning-390 Learning
Sprouts-Daycare-Omaha-food-390 Healthy Meals
Sprouts-Daycare-Omaha-safety-390 Children Safety
Sprouts-Daycare-Omaha-fun-390 Fun Environment

Sprouts Learning Paths

Developmental milestones, motor skills, in a nurturing environment.
Emphasis on teamwork and social skills.
Development of social and academic skills in playful setting.
Curriculum focus on enhancing grade-appropriate academic skills.