Our Staff

Our staff consists a team of teachers and assistants that specialize in early childhood development.

At Sprouts, our purpose is to provide child care and learning opportunities to children in a loving setting, and offer structured and safe programs for all. We offer planned activities, healthy meals/snacks, quality care, and excellent supervision, transportation to/from home and school, and best of all LOVE.


Our staff has more than 25 years of combined experience in the childcare and early childhood education field.

Cydney Griff


Deanna Hillman

Pre-School Teacher

Latika Richardson

Support Staff

Cathy Jordan

Support Staff

Carol Bunner

Support Staff

Sandy Benjamin

School Age Support Staff

Cynthia Jones

Infant Support Staff

Jaqueline Ryan Legon

Infant Support Staff

Maia Thomas

Support Staff

Pat Thompson

School Age Teacher

Years Combined Experience
Meals served per day
Learning sessions per week
Field trips per year
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