Yes, the exterior doors are permanently secured. Admission occurs after the person wishing to enter rings the door bell and visual confirmation is given by one of the staff members.

There is  daily communication to parents with the use of daily reporting on paper, at pick up and drop off verbally, and phone calls as needed. Parents may visit whenever they desire, unannounced.


Our curriculum is custom-made to each age group, and we have a daily curriculum for learning for all ages. There are opportunities in their daily routine to practice repetitive learning (name writing, ABC’s, 123’s, etc) and also to expand their education using art, stories, sensory, and dramatic play centered around a monthly theme. See program details for specific curriculum.


Yes, with proper documentation from parents.

Proper protocol is followed in the event of emergency, and all staff are CPR certified with training in first aid. There is also a CNA on-site as well.


With permission of the parent, all children (except the infants) attend regular field trips, as often as daily. See the program description for details!

Our curriculum is designed for children 0-12 years of age and children are separated into 4 groups: Infant, Toddler, Pre-K, and School Age. The daily activities for each group are specific to their individual needs. See the program description for specific information on each group!


Since our facility is open from morning through evening, we offer Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks. In fact, on-average we serve more than 125 meals a day!

One of the highlights of this learning center is that we are able offer the ability to incorporate MOVEMENT in our learning practices. We not only have two outdoor playgrounds (one is designed for older children, and the other for younger children), but we also have an in-door gymnasium to help keep the kids active and engaged.


Absolutely!  From home to school, school to facility, and back to home if needed.

If you have any questions, you may always call for tuition information. We accept Title XX and private pay.


One of the things we are complimented on the most from parents is our cleanliness. We take care and great pride in our daily cleaning and food administration regimens. We know a clean classroom, is a happy classroom and is the safest environment for a child!